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COVID-19 Information for SN UMS

SN UMS is focused on the health and safety of its community as it continues to create and share knowledge that benefits the world. The school of nursing is committed to creating the best possible learning environment during pandemic COVID-19 in the context of the public health crisis.

1. Faculty and staff must commit to following the university’s health guidelines

2. Students must review, sign, and follow the SN UMS rules which describes social distancing, health consideration and hygiene guidelines.

3. Masks must be worn at all times when at SN UMS.

4. A Daily Health Check must be completed online prior to coming to campus

5. SN UMS ID’s must be visible at all times while on campus. Faculty, staff, and students must obey the principal prevention of COVID-19.

6. Any faculty, staff or student who experiences COVID-related symptoms, should stay home and contact a healthcare provider for guidance. If you are a SN UMS student or faculty member please contact the COVID-19 responder on hotline (0271) 7717417

COVID-19: Information for SN UMS