Expected Learning Outcomes

Attitude :

  1. Internalize Islamic, Muhammadiyah, and Pancasila values in practicing as nurses and individuals who respect diversity
  2. Internalize professional dispositions and leadership that uphold professional ethics and be committed to lead direction to change, equality, and sustainability

Knowledge :

  1. Interpret the concepts of theory, philosophy, and paradigms of human, health, nursing, biomedical elemental, and communication to plan nursing care.
  2. Create safe and culturally sensitive nursing care plans according to the individual, group, and community bio-psycho-socio-spiritual needs of clients based on case scenarios and clinical observations
  3. Create an integrative chronic nursing care plan in providing solutions to public health disparities based on case scenarios and clinical observations
  4. Create plan for the management of nursing services in a work unit of the ward unit based on case scenarios and clinical observations

General Skills :

  1. Perform the mechanism of therapeutic communication skills by collaborating and respecting the role of other professions in providing holistic nursing care.
  2. Conduct the arrangement of nursing/health education skills for clients according to their needs in the promotive, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative approach.
  3. Apply life skills in daily life as individuals, society, and organization through social participation.
  4. Carry out projects or simple researches following the identification of evidence-base practice of chronic care nursing that is up to date, sensitive to technology, and referred to the health information systems.
  5. Perform the mechanisms of specific, chronic, and complementary clinical nursing skills based on case scenarios and clinical observations in the medical, surgical, maternal, child, mental, community, family, geriatric, and Basic Life Support procedures in emergency and critical cases carefully and culturally sensitive based on bio-psycho-socio-spiritual needs of clients in form of individual, groups, and communities