Palliative care is the treatment of a patient and his family who has an incurable disease by maximizing the patient’s quality of life and reducing annoying symptoms, reducing pain by paying attention to psychological and spiritual aspects. This treatment also provides a support system to help the patient’s family deal with the death of a loved one to the mourning process.
It is hoped that students can learn to reduce patient suffering, improve their quality of life, and also provide support to their families. So, the main purpose of palliative care is not to cure the disease and what is handled is not only the patient, but also his family. Even though in the end the patient dies, the most important thing is that before he dies he is ready psychologically and spiritually, and is not stressed to face the illness he is suffering from.
The palliative room is equipped with a consultation room, a safe and comfortable treatment room and complementary therapies to reduce pain in terminal patients, namely herbs, acupressure, and cupping.