students. Also can maximize the academic support activities of nursing science that the orientation of the nursing science study program can be a good start for the progress of and all female students to get to know each other so that there is positive interaction. It is hoped on campus. The orientation of the study program is an agenda that is the first step for lecturers program seeks to build and create a good atmosphere to support teaching and learning activities program conducted at both the university level and the study program level. Nursing study Orientation and introduction to the nursing science study program is a compulsory program.
orientation, students will be better in the future and become model students in this study understanding to new students regarding learning studies. It is hoped that through this out before the start of a series of activities that will be carried out in the future. Aims to provide The orientation of the nursing science study program is a program that must be carried who are Muslim women, believers and muhsin as well as professionals in the field of nursing. all students, especially new students. All these things are to support the formation of students mission as well as the courses being taught. Therefore, holding this activity is very important for order to know the flow and future prospects so that students know the curriculum, vision and that is carried out at the start of a new semester. This activity is an intensive introduction. In Prodiria or what is called the Nursing Study Program Orientation is a compulsory activity