To deliver the GAs, the SN presents five (5) Program Educational Objectives (PEOs). The PEOs are to :
  1. Develop students who can internalize the values of Islam, Muhammadiyah, and Pancasila in their practice as health workers and individuals who uphold diversity
  2. Design graduates with professional dispositions and leadership who uphold the ethics of the nursing profession and are committed to providing direction for change, equality, and sustainability
  3. Originate graduates with therapeutic communication skills by collaborating and respecting the role of other professions in providing holistic chronic care for individuals and communities to improve bio-psychosocial-spiritual-cultural health and well-being and reduce inequality
  4. Generate graduates who can demonstrate creative and innovative reasoning in a changeable social and technological environment
  5. Produce research as an evaluation of social and professional practice through critical thinking and knowledge integration